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Pet Travel Certificates

USDA certified veterinarian on staff to help you attain a travel certificate for your pet!

It is mandatory to provide a pet health certificate when traveling within the United States as well as internationally. If you need a health certificate for your pet, we are happy to assist you, but the paperwork can take a few weeks to complete.

Our team will make sure your pet will travel with you according to the requirements of each country, so we'll need to find out exactly what you'll need and what requirements you have to meet.

If you plan to travel domestically or internationally, start planning at least three months before you travel. Depending on where rabies titers are required, such as in Hawaii or Australia, planning and testing will probably take more time. Visit the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service page to learn more about requirements for interstate and international travel.

USDA-certified veterinarians are the only ones capable of issuing international health certificates. Dr. Lim at Veterinaire Pet Care can help you make attain your travel certificate. Available only at our Downtown Office!

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