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Potty Training for Cats

One of the wonderful things about housebreaking cats and kittens is that they tend to figure out potty training on their own quickly; most people with feline companions never have to train their kitties to use the litter box. However, very young kittens and previously outdoor cats can get a little confused. Below are some general guidelines for training a kitty to use the litter box. If your cat or kitten is eliminating outside the litter box when they usually use it without problems, please schedule a consultation with one of our Dr. Waxman. The most common cause of sudden change in litter box habits is a medical problem.

Is your mature, housebroken cat suddenly not using the litter box properly? It's time for a trip to the vet. While most people erroneously believe that not using the litter box is strictly a behavioral issue, it's usually caused by a medical problem ranging from a urinary tract infection to diabetes to arthritis. Don't bother punishing your cat or moving it to the litter box when you catch it in action. Instead, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Waxman to rule out any medical problem, and bring a fresh stool sample with you to test for intestinal parasites. If possible, please bring in your kitty earlier in the morning so that they are more likely to have a full bladder and be able to provide us with a urine sample. If you have a behavior concern with your pet, please schedule a consultation with Dr Waxman for an examination and specific treatment recommendations.

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Veterinaire Pet Care understands your pet is a beloved member of your family, and strives to improve the quality of life for every pet we treat. We proudly offer the highest levels of care along with the very latest in medical advances for your family pet. We at Veterinaire Pet Care care about your pets the same way you do, and want to do everything we can to assist you. Please contact us if you have any questions, we're always glad to help!

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Samantha Sanchez

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Bharathi K

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Mohsin Mirza

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