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Recurring Ear Infections

Veterinaire Pet Care of Jersey City, NJ shares some information on why your dog may continue to have reoccurring ear infections.

Health-conscious people take probiotic supplements for their gut and digestive health, right? But have you ever thought there was a connection between your dog’s digestive health and frequent ear infections? Well, most canine ear infections are actually caused by yeast, not bacteria as many assume. We’re all used to treating bacterial or yeast infections at the doctor with appropriate conventional drugs, and the infection simply clears up uneventfully. While this can be the case with something like a bladder infection, the ear, especially for dogs, are a different case. That is why it can be so important to take a holistic approach to treating ear infections with ongoing routine treatment in addition possible use of potential ointments is so important.

If your doggy has been having some ear infection troubles, this article can help give some more insight as to what is happening to your furry friend: Does Your Dog Have Recurring Ear Infections?

Or even better yet – give us a call. Our team here at Veterinarie Pet Care understands that your pet is a beloved member of your family. If you have questions or concerns about ear infection issues, or for more broad questions about your pet’s health and well being, we’re here to help. We offer two locations in Jersey City and our contact information and form can be found on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Veterinaire Pet Care understands your pet is a beloved member of your family, and strives to improve the quality of life for every pet we treat. We proudly offer the highest levels of care along with the very latest in medical advances for your family pet. We at Veterinaire Pet Care care about your pets the same way you do, and want to do everything we can to assist you. Please contact us if you have any questions, we're always glad to help!

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